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HEYDAY SOLAR Application Cases

Application Cases--Including large-scale container energy storage,industrial & commercial energy storage, residential energy storage, and PV power station.

Mr. Edwards

I have a split type energy storage equipment (3kW/5kWh), which helps me a lot as a household power bank. The equipment stores the electricity during the lower power price period, and releases the stored electricity for usage when the power price is higher.

Mr.& Mrs. Bauer

Our power system capacity is 7kW, my wife bought a Heyday Solar vertical type energy storage system with the capacity of 15kWh, which makes our household electricity usage more relaxed and flexible.

Farmer Williams

Last year, our farm introduced a 28kW Heyday Solar PV power station and two sets of 10kW cabinet type energy storage equipment, which has a energy storage capacity of 15kWh and eliminated all kinds of difficulties we met before.